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The Innovation of Automatic Balers

Posted 08.06.2013

During 27 years development, HelloBaler continues to innovate with the improving of customers’ requirements. As we all know, innovation is the source of progress and development, to HelloBaler, innovation is also the power and life.

In order to meet customers’ requirements, and give customers the most efficient and convenient baling solution, HelloBaler innovate so much on Automatic Balers. From the counting wheel to the cooling system, the innovation made our baler more and more welcomed by customers.

New type three hydraulic cylinders clamping increase bales density and make bales tighter and neater.

In order to fix the length of the bales, we designed the counting wheel, which can count the rated length of the bales automatically.

In order to prevent high temperature of the oil, we have equipped the baler with cooling system.

Swing-away 5-wire tie automatically inserts and ties on the same side.

Durable high pressing force hydraulic cylinders are produced by our own factory. Our factory is also famous for our hydraulic cylinders.

Easy operation Touch Screen equipped on the control panel. This gave customers great convenience to operate the machine.