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Waste Sorting System

HelloBaler’s Soring System supply the best solution for multi-waste sorting. It is used before baling the waste, with the moving conveyor, the waste can be classified to different kinds through manual sorting. With our Sorting System waste baler, customers not only improve their sorting efficiency, but also increase the value of the waste. HelloBaler’s Sorting System are ideal for Recycling center, Paper mills, Distribution center, etc.

Advantages of Hellobaler’s Sorting System

For users

  • The waste paper baler is cleaner after manual sorting, the purity of the paper kinds is higher, and the customer satisfaction is higher.
  • Baling the waste paper by category, selling them in different price according to different category, this will increase the value of the products significantly.
  • After sorting, the other waste (such as plastics, iron impurities, cotton fabric, ect.) can be also sold after classification baling, this will increase the use value of the other scrap.

For waste paper customers

  • Increase the usage life of the pulping equipment.
  • Increase the service life of the paper making machine and the paper making clothing, including reduce the wear of the suction board cover (heavy impurities), reduce the deformation on the press roll, reduce the blocking of the forming wire, dryer screen and the felt.
  • Improve the cleanness and quality of the pulp, so that improve the quality of the new paper.