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Semi-Automatic Straw Baler


The capacity of our Semi-Automatic Balers is from 2t/h to 4t/h. With ergonomic wire tie tool, this series are the most economical and practical choice for medium capacity requirement customers.

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Reliable Hydraulic System

HMST Series equipped with one main motor and one auxiliary motor, which provide adequate power to the continuous running of the machine.

With two oil routes, the main pump group providing oil to the main cylinder, while the auxiliary pump providing oil to clamping and wire-feeding cylinders, the two oil routes are separated, which reduce the error immensely.

Heavy Duty Welded Construction

The whole frame is heavy duty welded with Q235 steel plate, which is very sturdy and durable, we can guarantee 10 years life of the main frame.

Durable Conveyor

The frame of the conveyor is heavy duty welded with HT300 steel, the chain is made by 6mm steel plate, while the cover of the conveyor is new type PU slab rubber, all of these made our conveyor durable and very strong to resist pressure.

Ergonomic Wire Tie Tool

HMST Series need to be tied manually, we provide the ergonomic wire tie tool for our customers, which greatly increase efficiency during the bale tie operation.

Safety First

HelloBaler always put safety to the first place not only in production but operation.

Our balers equipped with emergency stop switch, circuit protector and safety door to make sure safety when operating. What’s more, caution boards are posted on main parts of the machine to warn operator.

Model/Data HMST3-1 HMST3-2
Bale size
mm 1000×800×600
Length is adjustable
Length is adjustable
Cylinder   Φ180 Φ200
Pressing force KN 500 600
Cycle Time s 10 15
Density kg/m3 200±20 200±20
Bale Weight kg/bale 100±20 250±50
Capacity t/h 1.5-2.5 3-4
Feed Opening mm 1000×800 1000×1000
Wire line 3 5
Power KW 22+5.5 18.5
Machine Weight T 5 5.5
Materials   Hay, Straw, Cotton stalk, Wood chip, etc.