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Vertical Straw Baler


The capacity of our vertical Straw Balers is from 1.5t/h to 2t/h. VMST series are designed with space in mind, the small body is easy to find a good place in your land.

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Contribution to Environment Protection

Do you have a pile of straw need to be disposed? Are you still have no idea to handle the trash left behind on the field? A HelloBaler vertical straw baler can solve your these problems. Landfill or burning is harm to environment, baling and recycling is the best way to handle the field trash. HelloBaler Vertical Straw Baler makes a great contribution to environment protection.

Heavy Duty Welded Construction

The whole frame is heavy duty welded with Q235 steel plate, which is very sturdy and durable, we can guarantee 10 years life of the main frame.

Minimal Space Occupation

HelloBaler vertical Straw Baler is design to occupy the minimal space, the small body is easy to find a good place in your land.

Very Easy Operation

With the hand operated valve, HelloBaler’s vertical straw baler is very easy to operate, only need one person to spend the least time to handle a pile of straw.

Safety First

HelloBaler always put safety to the first place not only in production but operation.

Our balers equipped with emergency stop switch, circuit protector and safety door to make sure safety when operating. What’s more, caution boards are posted on main parts of the machine to warn operator.

Model/Data VMST1-2
Bale size
mm 1200×900×1800
Length is adjustable
Cylinder   Φ125×2
Pressing force KN 400
Density kg/m3 200±20
Bale Weight kg/bale 400±50
Capacity t/h 1.5-2
Wire line 5
Power KW 18.5
Machine Weight T 2.2
Materials   Hay, Straw, Cotton stalk, Wood chip, etc.